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NEUTRIK offers premium copper connectors and cables, innovative fiber optic systems and unique digital network devices.

NEUTRIK is the world’s leading brand of professional connector systems for the entertainment industry. The product range includes XLR connector systems, jacks and plugs, speaker connector systems, ethernet connectors, power connectors, multimedia connectors, fiber optic connector systems, patch bays, coaxial plugs (BNC), industrial connectors and digital network devices. 

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What has started as a two-man company has grown into a global player in the interconnectivity segment. Today the Neutrik Group is a multi-brand company with a broad portfolio of innovative products.


REAN provides a comprehensive range of products for audio, video and lighting featuring robust and reliable connectors that promise unrivalled cost-performance ratios. 


CONTRIK provides reliable power distribution systems, innovative equipotential bonding systems and high-quality power cables.